Q: What would cause a cylinder to misfire? on 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

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I was told that it was cylinder # 3 and it could be due to low compression.
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Low compression from rings or valve problems, failed(ing) injector, vacuum leak, failed(ing) spark plug, ignition coil, etc. Need to have tested to find out why has low compression.
Im thinking its the ignition coils cause I had it changed and thats when it started running weird.
I would have told you the same thing if you had shared that little bit of info when you did the original post. Why did you not share that info?

Still have to determine what the problem actually is. Your coil could be good but you may have caused a problem during removal and replacement.
Your right and I apologize. I should have included that in the orginal question. My last part to this question is how much does something like this usually cost to repair?
yes , low compression could cause a misfire , however , bad coil, spark plug wire , bad injector , vacumn leak could also cause a mifire
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