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Q: What would be cause of dissappearing antifreezes??? on 2000 Kia Sportage

Ok this is first time i have came across this. Bought a Kia Sportage and been working on it, last night got real cold and had someice in radiator, didn;t freeze though. So ran some water out of it and added antifreeze and replaced thremostat. Now when I run the vehicle ten minutes or so I have to add more fluids, theres no signs of any in the oil, no signs coming out of the tail pipe or vehicle missing. Where can it be going? On other thing is that the top hose doesn't have any pressure on it when running the vehicle and doesn't get hot until car turned off, so guessing water pump may be bad but where is teh water going???
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poss air bubble in eng due to replacing thermostst,try driving car until the fan comes on then shut down and recheck water after eng is cool
the vehicle has the clutch style fan on it. Could it possibly be the water pump is out on it?? Also I say I have placed double the amount of fluid into the radiator than what was lost, also when its running the top hose has no pressure on it and when you turn it off the hose gets hot guessing where the water back flows back into the hose?
You may have a problem with the waterpump itself or a blockage in the system. If you have to put more antifreeze in the system than the capacity was originally designed to hold then, you know there is a problem. The engine itself may have been fairly empty and this loss won't show in the reservoir.
Only thing that confuses me, is that before last night, it was circulating the water, holding the same level. This morning got up was cold enough,though i had some antifreeze in it water got like slushy, so I drained some of it out and while I done that place the new thermostat in the vehicle. Now, it doesn;t hold level and doesn't circulate. I'm guessing the water pump was bad from the beginning just without the thermostat out could flow freely so looked to be good, with it in now holding pressure and forcing water out of the pump. Also the top hose had pressure on it until the thermostat was put in now it doesnt get that hot until you turn it off and it back flows into and it has no pressure on it either. Thing getting me is can;t find no leak no water in the oil or no signs coming out of the exhaust
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