Q: what type of tool do i use to remove the lock nut for the cv axle front right :) on 2003 Chevrolet Tracker

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i need to no what type of tool i need to remove lock nut from cv axle on passengers side.
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this had a cover plate with 4 phillips screws holding it on and then there is a flat nut with 4 holes that are threaded 4 the phillip screws to go and then there are 4 holes that are not threaded that looks like it would take some sort of socket with knubs on it like a chevy axle nut pre 80's.the cv axle has an internal c clip on it to keep it in place.may be im talking about the wrong thing,maybe its the wheel bearing lock nut that im trying to find out what type of tool i need,all i no is its in that general area.
if you want to remove the axle you will have to drop the lower ball joint and remove the axle nut