Q: What to Do (maintenance) When my Toyota Camry 2004 Reaches 150,000 Miles? on 2004 Toyota Camry

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Got it used so assuming nothing's been done.
batery check was good !
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Best thing to do is just have a good mechanic check it out for you. Not a whole lot really needs to be done! If you have the owners manual it will show what is recommended. No timing belt on the 4 cyl to worry with, just have the mechanic hoist it and have a look. Maybe take it for a drive. There are a ton of suggested things to do but actually some/most of them are not necessary. Mechanic will know what to look for. Great car! Got one myself!
The Camry should have had its timing belt changed @ 90,000 miles.If you do get it replaced go ahead & replace the water pump with a new one.They,or you have got to remove the water pump to get to the timing belt anyway.Thats only if its a 6 cylinder.4 or 6 clinder you might want to chg your sparkplugs.If its an auto transmission I would chg the transmission fluid.If its at all like my 2002 Avalon the pan will have a plug you can remove.If you do not drop the trans. pan;you will not need to replace the gasket.

their is no timing belt but chain @ 4 cyl. toyota camry.
I'll be glad to know what are the main / basic and safty things I'll need 2 do.