Q: What the life expectancy for rear control arm bushings, just replaced 2yrs. ago on 2003 Saturn L200

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Just had a drivers side flat tire, seems to camber? in towards car more on top than bottom, was told could be control arm bushings. Brake drum and plate seem to be tight, with no play. Just had these bushings replaced 2 years ago. Could this be more of an alignment issue?
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Thanks for the reply, just took it to a mechanic we have used over the years, very good mechanic. Says the spring for the strut on opposite side had collapsed, causing the rear end of the car to shift. Now for the next dilemma trying to find "hard to find parts" for a car whose company does not exist anymore, better get diggin'. Thanks for the input, and the bushings are fine from what he told me. He fixes cars, schoolbuses and policecars, been good too us for the past 9 yrs. will trust his judgement. Thanks Again.Jeff
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