Q: What should total Cost to repair compressor and Condenser on 1992 Acura Legend

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I brought my car to a mechanic to repair the air conditioning. They told me the compressor was out, and so they charged me $600 to replace it. About a week later the AC was no longer blowing cold. I took it back, and they tried some things, not sure what, but it also didn't work. So I took it back a third time and they replaced the air compressor, at no charge. About 5 days later, no cold air. Took it back again and now they are saying they found the leak, and it is the condenser, and it too will have to be replace for another $315 or so. Does this sound legit? It seems that this all should have been done at once, so I am wondering how much additional labor is warranted to replace the condenser, and would it have been cheaper to have it all done at once.

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AC leaks can be tough to find, sometimes its hit and miss but actually they didn't charge much for the compressor replacement and $315 is a fair price to replace the condenser
I had the same thing just happen. Replacing the compressor cost me close to $1000. Now they want another $350 for the condenser.