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Q: What should the fuel pressure be on a 2004 explorer made December of 2003? on 2004 Ford Explorer

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I have a 2004 ford explorer that was manufactured in December of 2003 and I know that the 2003 model fuel pumps were supposed to output 28-45 psi so my question is what should the psi read on my 2004 explorer that was made in 03?
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See the Haynes manual said that the pressure in all 2004 engines should be from 60-65psi and ford did a half year change on the fuel pumps meaning anything that was made up to 3-1-04 was one kind of pump and from 3-2-04 and after was a different style pump so I'm confused should my explorer that's an 04 engine be pushing 30-40 or 60-65
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Sport trac is that high, 'Mitchell' shows explorer and mountaineer the same, and other '04 engines are different as well.
Well my explorer is in a no-start condition so I was checking the pressure in the line to see if it was my fuel pump and when I turned the key it spiked to about 80psi and then dropped and leveled to 45psi then the Haynes said 60-65psi so I have no clear way to determine if I should buy a new pump or not with no clear reference of what the pressure should actually be. I've been getting a lot of different answers
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Just to help you understand one more thing, most of the Ford's have the fuel pressure regulator in the pump module, and what fuel volume is there, last; who said it was a fuel problem. Did you try to spray some good carb cleaner into the throttle body to see if it would try to start.
My mechanic said it was fuel related he said that I have spark and compression an fuel getting to the injectors and it tries to start but never fires. I have sprayed starting fluid in the throttle body and fired for a split second then died right out so he thinks it's a weak fuel pump so I needed to know the right psi and yes the regulater is in with the fuel pump so if I checked the pressure at the fuel rail what should the stable psi read? Also if a crankshaft position sensor starts to go bad would I still have spark if it's not completely toasted?
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Asked and answered, Injector pulse good? It tried to start with starting fluid! More cam sensor, no fire if the crank sensor is toast.
My mechanic said that everything is working like it should. I have spark compression and fuel at least getting to the rail. Now if it's firing through the injectors or not is another story. In order to even check the injectors I gotta pull the whole intake manifold so to your question if they are pulsating good or not I can't answer that for sure which is why I was trying to find the correct psi of my fuel pump to see if it was my problem
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Make sure and read all of my post, and O'Reilly's sells a set of noid lights, I seen it in their ad today, pretty cheap. Wanna be a good DIY'er, get the tools. We can hash out what your mechanic said all day, apparently he didn't check any further then his talent.
Haha well I was looking into getting a noid light but I wasn't sure if it would be worth it or not if I just wanted to test the crankshaft sensor, when I didn't know if the answer was obvious or not. I'm kind of a hobby mechanic I guess I do the usual routine stuff on my own but not sure how a lot of the other things operate yet and how to troubleshoot certain things (like crank sensor)
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If you really want to check the injectors operation and the are getting a pulse signal, I have a pulse generator I use. You use the pressure gauge and hook up the generator, prime the pump, pulse the injector while checking the gauge. Some vehicles can be done with the scan tool itself. If it ends up being the cam sensor, a special tool is needed to install and set the sensor, so more tools will be needed. Bedtime for me, back tomorrow after DR's appointment.
Ok well an update. Changed fuel pump but still won't start. Now throwing codes p2106 and p2110. Tried a new throttle position sensor and still nothing. Any advice?
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That is an issue with the electronic throttle control, both codes. Let me know if you need further.
Well the from what I saw when I went to autozone the code p2110 says one cause could be a failed ECM. Is there a way to test your ECM/PCM?
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Sorry got busy, honey do's. It wants to go through the flow chart for diagnostics. Does yours have an EGR System Module, it also wants to test the signal and signal return, this will confirm the PCM function as well. To be honest, 9 times out of 10 the throttle control has been the problem, and it will have to relearn idle. Sorry if you don't get back fairly soon I'll be going to bed, back tomorrow.
Well took it to the ford garage today and he hopped in it at the end of his shift tried starting it twice and just said it was the timing. I wasn't trying to offend you I was looking to see other opinions as well as your own and figured if I started a new question more ppl would see it. If it is the timing would it be cheaper to buy a new motor or to have the timing fixed by ford? It's a single overhead cam too
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