Q: what should i remove from old 1989 Caravan to fit my 1989 voyager? on 1990 Plymouth Voyager

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both vehicles:2.5L auto single point efi, 205k on one I want to cannibalize, 88k on recipient vehicle. What are the things I definitely should remove for possible later use on "new" vehicle. Thank you
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box it all! You want to save your computer unit, your mass airflow sensor, your EGR valve, your alternator, starter(its a dirty one to get to, but you'll save 60 at least on a new one) your battery cables if they are in good condition( my 92 voyager has replacement cables now, old ones were eaten through by a bad battery... cost me 76 bucks for OEM part) all the plug and run components, like PCV valves and assorted engine wires including spark wires, number them and bag them. Even if you don't use them for parts, if you suspect a a problem you can use these old parts to see if they make a difference before you shell out the cash on new parts. Pull the master cylinder as well, it's easy to take and it's expensive to replace. Make sure you air tight that bag, a ziplock freezer bag will fit it. leave the fluid in and use electrical tape to cover the brake line entry points. Basically the more you pull, the more you'll save. A donor car is a great thing to have