Q: What service is necessary for 100,000 mile check? on 2002 Toyota Prius

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My 2002 Prius is coming up on 100,000 miles. I'm wondering what service is necessary/important at this point? Is there anything I should do before rolling over the 100,000 mile mark?
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100k might not be a milestone for your Prius, as far as the maintenance goes. Some cars have a big service fall on that interval, but not all. Check your owner's manual for your maintenance schedule, and see what is recommended there. It also depends on what you had done the last time it was in for regular maintenance. If you've been maintaining the car well all along, 100,000 miles is just another regular service check-up--according to what your owner's manual says.
It's my understanding that the battery is under warranty only up to 100,000 miles, so you might want to think about looking for a new Prius. However, I haven't yet heard of anyone needing a new battery. Has anyone else?
I don't think the answer to needing a new battery/having the old battery's warranty running out is getting an entirely new car. Not for someone who is frugal anyways, but that's just my opinion.
I'm frugal and can't see paying $6 or 7000 for a new battery for an old car. That's the big deal to me.