Q: What parts need replaced, is the clutch is ok? on 1997 Mercury Tracer

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The clutch pedal went to the floor, and it won't release properly. If you jiggle the pedal it will come up, and if you very carefully depress the clutch, and press on the throttle, you can shift into first and second to make it home (didn't try third, etc. it would have been going too fast). Of course, once you stop by depressing the clutch and brake, you have to start all over again.
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Sounds like you’re very low on fluid in your clutch master and have some air trapped in the clutch slave cylinder. Check to make sure that your clutch master cylinder is full; it’s buried under the MAF area of your car so you may have to remove the air cleaner outlet tube and the MAF to gain access to it. You will have to bleed the clutch cylinder to remove any trapped air.
Thank you for the reply. What would cause air to be trapped? Would it be the low fluid level in the master cylinder? The clutch is ok. Thanx again.