Q: what parts do i take off in order to replace my power steering pump on 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I know I have to get the serpentine belt off, any thing else?
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You'll need to remove the lines as well. You have to remove the pulley so loosen it before you take off the belt. Use the correct fluid and work all the air out of the lines... If you run into problems our shop is in Vallejo. Milt's Service Garage is on Tuolumne. You can call Adrian at (707)643-7548.
Hi and thanks, I have had some prettty good luck working on my car I feel like I know it all to well. I just rebuilt the front end and replaced the fuel pump. Everyone is so surprised but I can't afford a mechanic so I bought the book. I'm just not strong enough for some of the bolts so I hope this won't be an all day adventure. The starter was probably the fastest job I've done on it so far.. I do need to get the heads redone how much would your shop carge for somthing like that. how much would it be to change out the differential gasket and the transfer case gasket. My job does not want all the leaks I have going on in their garage. can you blame them. Jeanine
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