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Q: what part need replacement on 1990 Lexus LS400

power steering fluid is vaccumed into the exhaust manifold and smoking out of my tailpipe, which part need replacement?
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i had the same problem you have, i was putting power stering fluid im my lex every 24 hours
get the power stering vacum censor in the lexus dealer it cost $145 an your problem will be fix
Can you just remove the switch and plug the hole with a bolt? will that effect the steering at all or if any?
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I have seen the steering high pressure hose leak (deteriorates over time because of heat in the engine compartment). I have seen the seal between the Power steering resivior and pump fail and the pump itself to fail and leak. There is a black plastic switch mounted on the Power Steering Pump (with two rubber vacuum hoses on it) that allows the engine idle speed to be automatically raised when you crank the steering wheel while parking, if that switch failed power steering fluid could be drawn into the engine and burned in the engine. With the engine turned off disconnect those two small diameter vacuum hoses (they just pull off), see if there is oil inside the hoses. Start the engine and see if you can spot a leak while you get a friend to turn the steering wheel from side to side (ensure the fluid level is full but not over full).
You will have to wash down the engine and area of the power steering pump first to pin point the source of the leak before just replacing parts in hopes of fixing the leak. A repair shop will often wash down the engine and add dye to the steering fluid that will show up under a black light. Are you sure it is power steering fluid that is being burned ny the engine? Could you have a power steering leak and an engine that has worn valve guides or rings and is actually burning engine and not power steering fluid. I have seen valve guide wear on high mileage LS400s that puff a large cloud of smoke when the engine is first started.
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Do you see p/steering fluid leaking from that switch? The switch is described as " pressure switch on power steering pump that raises idle speed. Black plastic switch that screws into the pump with two vacuum lines off it." Wash everything down with a degreaser and carefully inspect for leaks before replacing parts.
part 2 what is the name of that black switch with the 2 vaccum hoses? I refill ps fluid,never low on oil
I have the same problem with my 1991 LS400.. Never had smoke come out the tail pipes till I found out my power steering kept running out of fluid, but I could find Not 1 drop of fluid under the car, till I stopped putting fluid in it, after a day or 2, it stopped Smoking, Good!!! for a minute there I thought my engine was about to go. Not the case. It was the the High presure line leaking into Vacuum line switch from power steering burning out the exhaust.

here is a web site that tells you what causes your lexus to burn power steering....i did it and i now dont need to add power steering fluid...
there is a valve below the powersteering pump which is there for allowing extra air from intake pipe to intake manifold. this valve is faulty and oil is leaked into. and get carried into manifold.the part is expensive.beter to get secondhand powersteering set.
My car is doing the same thing after i spent 2500 dollars in trying to fix the problem, plus fixing the hose i found out it's the steering rack, or what u call the rack and pinion assembly its about 800 total to fix and no more smoke......
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