Q: what may be causing a rubbing sound above 15mph, louder as mph increased on 2002 Cadillac DeVille

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Have visually and physically checked all drive train components while vehicle on jack stands, with vehicle in gear and person accelerating vehicle,only makes noise when vehicle is on road
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so your saying under the weight of your car. have you ck frt wheel bearings they could cause this under load only
Noise increases in speed , with wheel speed? Have tires been rotated yet just to note ANY difference if any? Is noise consistent regardless of if turning left or right , or on the gas more , or less ? SPECIFIC conditions will help you narrow it down. How does going over a bump or little hills affect it?- Just random thoughts from an idiot.
Don't believe wheel bearings are the noise,took wheels off first time had car up on jack stands, and discovered brake pads needed replaced,after replacing pads put vehicle on road,noise did not diminish. put vehicle back up on jack stands and left wheels intact with occupant in vehicle accelerating slowly and decelerating , no audible noise or visual problems to be found,to be more distinct, noise reminds me of poker card rubbing bicycle spokes, sort of lacking clicking sound. noise becomes higher pitch with speed increase. Thanks for all suggestions to diagnose,will put car back on stands,and scratch my head. Oh, did physically check wheel bearings while replacing brake pads,no apparent problem with bearings.
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