Q: What makes your car shut off? on 2001 Nissan Maxima

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It does it in park drive and neutral. Could it be the Maf or the IACV?? What else could make the car just shut off. Could a bad o2 sensor make it do that?
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Not the anwser they look for ....but the only correct one most of the time...HAGD Greg.
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litterly could be hundred differnt reason your can stalls. I reccomend you get to know a good mechanic in the area that you live and let them evaluate what's wrong. Get reccomendations from friends, coworkers, and family for a good mechanic.
already had a diag. and had someone look at it still to no avail. it still does not work and i have been asking around and still no one knows. but uh thanks anyway!
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