Q: What makes the car slow way down to about 5 mph shut it off for afew min then ok on 2007 Hyundai Sonata

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My daughters car will occassionally go way down to about 5mph top speed and if she pulls over and shuts it off for a few min. it will start up and be okay. I don't know if the check engine light comes on or not but she said the traction control will go off. I was going to take it to get it scanned and she said that after she restarts it there are no check engine or other lights on. What could be the problem and even with the check engine light not on could a code still be in the memory? She is heading off to college next week and I want to get it fixed before she does big city driving. Thanks for any help!
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We live ouside of town and I set up an appointment for her to get the car scanned for today but she couldn't make it, so hoping to get it done on Mon. It is the ESC (electronic shifting control) that goes off not traction control. Update more when I know more. Thanks
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