What maintenance is best? on 2007 Honda Accord

I'm at 27k miles. I don't know what is the best maintenance schedule to follow. The Honda dealership ripped me off quite badly. I don't rightly know what to believe. I know oil needs done. But, what about the timing belt, spark plugs, and valve adjustments? I was told it would need done at 30k miles. I'm not car genius but I know that's a bunch of hog wash. Any advice as to the right scheduling, let me know. I will use a service station listed on your site that isn't a dealership.

by in Oklahoma City, OK on November 23, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 23, 2009
Your Accord uses the Maintenance Minder system: http://repairpal.com/honda-maintenance-minder The system uses the letter A or B, followed by the numbers 1-5. This alpha numeric code will be displayed in your instrument panel and will inform you as to what Honda recommends. Use the article and our RepairPrice Estimator to determine what needs to be performed and how much you should pay: http://bit.ly/2007_honda_accord_estimates
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