2003 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2003 Chrysler Town & Country Question: What is wrong with my chrysler town and country 2003

It started with the speed odometer going crazy then it would jump when I was driving then the check engine light came on I got the codes it was the input and output speed sensor I replaced both sensors and now speed odometer doesn't work at all and now my van won't shift into second gear was told the computer has to be reprogrammed is this true or do I need a new transmission? Thanks for your time :) -
Answer 1
scan codes and post, sounds like trans is going into limp mode. seek a free diag and est from aamco. where did you purchase the sensors? -
Comment 1
Napa auto parts is where I bought the sensors now im getting a code p1698 do I have to replace transmission if in limp mode -
Comment 2
Also I changed the senors which was code p0500 and it still is giving me that code even after the sensors where changed -
Comment 3
try dealer parts napa has so so elect parts -
Comment 4
We think we know what the problem is the pos mechanic that was fixing my van cut the plug to computer and switched it with one that isnt the same connections now lets see if he didn't burn my computer -
Comment 5
find a NEW mech asap -
Comment 6
Oh I am trust me put to much money already thanks -
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