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Q: What is typical clutch wear expectation and does this engine use timing belts? on 1991 Infiniti G20

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I'm looking at buying a used car that looks to be in good condition. What would be the average time that this car would need a clutch replacement? It has 112K miles.

Also, do these cars need timing belts and if so, at what mileage intervals?

I'm trying to anticipate if there are any major expenses I would have to deal with beyond the purchase price of $1200.
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That engine uses a timing chain but it is very important on that engine to change the engine oil frequently. The clutch life depends on the individual driver's driving habits and vehicle use but 100,000 miles is not unreasonable many people get 150,000 miles. Have a pre-purchase inspection done by a garage knowledgeable in Nissan or Infinity, it will be money well spent, hat they find may divert you from buying a "bad car" and or what they find (lack of maintenance or repairs needed) can be used to negotiate price.
Thanks Patrick. That was very helpful. I'm so glad I've discovered this excellent site. Repair Pal says a clutch replacement in this area (everything costs more in Hawaii due to shipping across the ocean)is between $821 and $1224. The Kelley blubook for an excellent condition vehicle is $1125. This would mean that if this car has never had a clutch I could be looking at twice the price. Yikes.

I seem to remember that a way to test a clutch is to put the parking brake on, put the shifter in 4th gear, step on the gas a little bit and let the clutch out. If the engine dies abruptly the clutch has some meat left on it but if it dies gradually with the rpms going down over a second or two it indicates the clutch is slipping. Does this test concur with your expertise?
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