Q: What is the seal on the waterpump end of the balance shaft? on 2009 Volkswagen Jetta

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I had an issue with the balance shaft in my 2009tsi VW Jetta Wolfsburg, it broke! I'm in the process of replacing it, on the water pump side behind the gear there is an oil seal. What's the proper name of this seal and where can I find one? Thank you
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The balance shaft seal can be purchased from the dealer, and should be.
the volkswagon/audi group (commonly called VAG) is very good about reproducing parts with greater longevity, and correcting the mistakes made while overengineering every component of the vehicle.
This means if you don't want to replace that seal twice, use the OEM. They are probably $10 or less.
For the TDI diesel engine, it is absolutely imperitive that the pump, balance shaft, camshaft, and crankshaft are timed properly, or you will have an engine that does not run, or the fuel system can destroy itself.
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