Q: what is the noise coming from the front of car? on 2003 Saab 9-3

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After a tire blow out on the drivers side front, a noise appeared. It sounds like a ww II fighter plane. There is a vibration in the steering wheel, and in the floor board. Saab replaced the wheel hub assembley. The problem remained. the hub assemblies were replaced again, but the problem remains. Could this be a bent half shaft, or is there something else? Any help would be great. Thanks
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There are a few possible causes for those problems. The L/F axle is the shorter of the two axles and does not typically have any problems. It would take a severe, and by severe I mean huge, impact to have bent it. With that in mind, the vibration could be caused from a bent wheel or bad tire. Also, a bad tire could cause the noise you are describing. When your tire blew out, did the wheel well get damaged? Or any of the plastic coverings under the body? Did you hit anything that caused the tire to blow out, or did it just fail?
Thanks for replying. My wife was driving the car, and said she did not even know the tire had blew.Someone had driven up beside her and told her the tire was flat. she was on the highway at the time. so she had to drive a little distance to get to a safe spot. When i had arrived to change the tire it was shredded. When the frnt end was balanced wouldn't they have noticed the wheel was bent? From what i can see there is no plastic damage. although there appeared to be some rubber in the fender well.
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