Q: What is the mileage suggested between oil/oil filter changes (routine driving)? on 2004 Acura TL

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Regular oil not synthetic oil used.
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For normal driving, it is between 3,000-5,000 to get your oil checked, and that is called the 3,000 mile checkup with your dealership or even Jiffy Lube as well. When you get your oil checked and the filter changed, etc., as for regular oil, and not synthetic oil. You can talk to your mechanic for to ask that, and I am sure they will comply with your request. Also, they might suggest going synthetic because of the mileage issues and better performance for your car. But certainly as your dealership for that, and also check your manual. Usually in the back of the manual there is a maintenance schedule that you can see for how many miles you have to reach to keep your car in top condition and performance.

Good luck and hope this helps.