Q: What is the howling noise that is coming from under the hood. on 2007 Jeep Commander

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It started after i had my transmission cooler lines replaced, thought it might be the PCV valve so i changed that but it still does it but not as loud. It usually startes around 35 mph and it goes with the pressing of the pedal.The original problem was that the check engine light came on and the dealer stated that it needed a software update. They also did that when they changed the lines.
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Hi Tmblwd98,

The symptom you are describing could be many different things (some common ones are viscous fan clutch, vacuum leaks, fluid restriction, etc.) and is very difficult (basically impossible) to diagnose online. Since you stated that the problem started after the dealership performed repairs, I would suggest bringing it back to them as a first step. If they are unable or unwilling to help you out for some reason, there are many reputable, qualified repair shops in the RI an MA areas close to you that should be able to diagnose the problem and advise you of what repairs are needed. Our shop is located in Uxbridge, MA which is close to you. If you would like us to check it out, we can be reached at 508-278-6615 or online at

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