Q: What is the estimated cost for (1) flush PS and (2) "fuel induction service"? on 2000 Honda Accord

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My wife has a 2000 Accord SE (w/ 82000 miles), and at our last oil change, the service writer said the technician recommended these two services:(1) flush PS and (2) "fuel induction service". He penciled in on my invoice for the oil change with the cost of each (which struck me as high), but in the past I have gotten a print out with the exact cost. I believe the service writers are on commission, and wonder if the estimate could be inflated. What should a typical Honda dealer charge for this these two services?
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Honda use a preparatory power steering fluid but it is inexpensive, $15 fluid and .5 hour labor. I had heard Honda North America did not recommend Fuel Injection System Pressure Service unless you had an emission failure or particular drivability issue. If it is depressurizing the fuel rail, attaching a fuel pressure/cleaning device like an OTC unit the labor would be about .8 hour with $25 for cleaner.
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