Q: What is the estimate maintenance cost for 5 years? on 2012 Honda Odyssey

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The dealer has offered a maintenance contract that covers all the required service for the 5 year at $1200. Is this a good deal or a rip off?
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depends on if incl brakes, belts, trans flushes, oil changes and what else. sounds to high to me unless it covers what i mentioned.most of these items are 30 to 40 dollar items except the large ones. they are only going to cover what the book says so read carefully.
I work at a honda dealer (not sales) in the service dept. If you plan on getting it serviced at the dealer anyway , then by their normal prices , it might save you a little bit But generally not worth it from what i've seen.Usually covers some oil changes and tire rotations like globalhelper said check to see what EXACTLY it covers , Otherwise go to an independant (not chain) shop that can use Honda parts and ignore the maint. minder -go 5000 miles MAX. between oil changes and thats assuming a majority is highway miles. AND A/C cabin filters take literally about 35 seconds to change (3 min. for beginner)...........Anyway if you're just talking oil changes tire rotations and one time onthe engine and cabin air filters then go to an independent shop and save about $600.00 on that. The only thing I have seen worth while in several cases is the extended (100K) warranty. Educate yourself as much as possible and enjoy!
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