Q: what is the ECM? where is it located?also i'm trying to figure out why it stalls on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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was told that there is a problem when the gas is below 1/4 tank,never had this problem before as the van has always run very good never any major problems.I did put some concentrated fuel injector cleaner in the tank 2 weeks ago at fill up now this problem with stalling without warning,just shuts down.could the injector cleaner have anything to do with it ?
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Driving with a low tank can cause problems and if debris is in the tank the pump will be damaged either by the debris or lack of lubrication as the gas lubricates the pump.It is best to keep tank closer to half.
You will have to find out if it is spark or fuel problem. If it is spark could be crank sensor or asd relay.
If it happens when warn and just cuts out and only cranks maybe crank sensor. If it is buy dealer part not after market
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