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Q: What is the drive cycle of a 1996 town and country? on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

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On my emission test report says that I need the drive cycle?
sounds like they read your vans onboard computer. theres a code in there that always comes up and just indicates how many cycles have occurred
Yeah that's what they told me, but they said I need to find out what's the drive cycle, how can I find out?
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Drive cycles are complicated if you do it by the book. So, this is what we do in my shop.

We start it up, let it idle for a minute or so. We are just a couple blocks from the I 17 freeway, se we accelerate onto the freeway and drive at a steady pace, 55-65 mph for 12 miles, then turn around. Usually, when this drive is completed the car's computer will have run it's tests and the drive cycle is complete. You will know when it is good to go when all the emissions monitors in the computer show passed.

If, during that kind of a drive, we are unable to get the computer to pass all the tests, we will usually release it to the customer, and ask them to come back the next day so we can check if the emissions monitors (drive cycle) has passed

Chryslers usually do not have any real issues running the drive cycle, some manufactures make you jump thru hoops to get the computer to pass the drive cycle.
Basically, if a scanner is not avaliable, just drive it for a few days, and as long as the check engine light stays off, you are usually good.
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