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Q: What is the drive cycle for a 2006 nissan altima 2.5s on 2006 Nissan Altima

I recently replaced the down stream 02 sensor as that what the check engine light was for. My mechanic installed it the check engine light was cleared only to come back on and stay on.i cleared the light again and again .went for an inspection only to have the car fail. The evap is set.but the 02 and the catalyst are in NY and if one monitor is not set the car can still pass inspection with at least one of the monitors not set...for a week now I've driven the car about almost 600 miles most on the expressway and the rest on the street. How much longer is it going to take for one of the monitors to set....Please help
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Problem has got to be diagnosed and repaired FIRST! Just because some sort of code reader came up with an 02 sensor code does not mean the sensor is at fault... hell, i wish it were that easy.....I'd be rich.!! ..But then again, anybody could do it...see a qualified 'mechanic' and get it repaired.
Ohhhh I did and my mechanic replaced and cleared the code
And he's the one that told me to just drive it for a while
And I was just wondering how long and what the correct
Drive cycle would be
Hi Russ
Is the problem solved completely by now?
My car is also 2006 Nissan 2.5s, the"Service Engine Soon" light has been on yesterday. Any advises please?
Per Pushrod's reply, the code seems not accurate enough to locate the REAL fault.
Not exactly.....I did the drive cycle....drove the car at 55mph with cruise control on all of my monitors were set except one in nys you can have one monitor not set and still pass all monitors were set no check engine light .
The code was back in the computer but I didn't shut the car off
Here's what you do clear the code when the car has sat overnight start it let it get to operating temp. And start driving on the hwy at 55mph for at least 20 25 miles then get on the hwy coming home the whole time leave the code reader attached
Remove the reader and reattach it while driving it's easy it's not hard. And recheck the monitors if all but one monitor is set and you have no check engine light but you have a code in the computer go right to the service station "DO NOT SHUT THE CAR OFF" have them scan it and then you will pass inspection
I passed my annual inspection in Nov,so the next inspection is far away. I am now just concerning what is wrong with the car, and how to fix the fault so the light will go off
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