Q: What is the cause why the car will not start after driving in a hot weather? on 2006 Suzuki XL-7

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The car will start after 30mins to 1 hour wait and the car don't have this kind of problem in the winter or at night when it's cool. The battery is good and the starter is OK, but AutoZone said the voltage regulator is defective, so they said that I have to change the alternator. Is the alternator the reason why it won't start after driving in a hot weather?
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The heat can affect many things. As components get older they may be less tolerable to extreme temperatures. Before guessing if it's the alternator, you should confirm with a certified technician. Sometimes there are computer modules that are affected by the heat, or security system may malfunction. It could be the alternator, but it would be best to start with legitimate diagnostics.
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