Q: What is the cause of gear problem? on 2011 Ford E-350

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The vehicle was bought used in Sep 2012,exported to Nigeria. One early morning while going to work there was noise while on motion and after about a kilometre it could not move again even when in neutral. It is said that the gearbox has a problem and the vehicle's odometer is just 30000 miles
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Is there a way that you can get someone to reterive fault codes from diagnostic system? You say that you heard a noise makes me think something broke...but that does not tell you whats wrong or what to do. You say it will not move in neutral...does that mean you are unable to push off the road like something is seized up? I assume this is an automactic transmission....its not 4wheel drive or anything like that is it?
It is an automatic transmission, but not 4x4, not on the road but where it is now it cannot move.
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When you put it in gear and step on the gas does the engine just rev up like its in neutral or does it labor some like if you were holding the brake and not letting it move? Try this in reverse also.
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Does this transmission have a dip stick to check fluid level? If its full...I think something major has failed internally in your transmission. I hope you are in a area of the country that has a Ford dealer.
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