Q: What is the cause of a knocking sound in the rear left of vehicle? on 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300E

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I hear a knocking sound in the rear left side of the car, only when I accelerate from a dead stop, or when I take a corner at below 20 mph. I don't otherwise hear the sound on a smooth road or over a bump. My car has 188,000. First time I've heard this noise. Never had struts or shocks replaced. Brake inspection was negative. Is this a strut and shock issue?
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Definetly sounds like a shock issue. 188,000 miles and they really need replaced anyway. I would recommend you have both of the rears replaced. Better to replace in pairs.
Thanks. A leaking shock was the culprit. I replaced the struts and shocks, all around. $900.
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An inspection would be necessary to determine the exact cause of your knocking sound. Shocks and struts are recommend to be replaced every 50-80,000 miles. If they have never been replaced, that would be a beneficial repair to start with. There could also be other damaged suspension parts due to the high mileage.
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