Q: What is the cause for new battery discharge? on 2009 Ford Explorer

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the alternator charges while running but batteery discharges while parked over night.there is an electronic cycle occurring with ignition off.
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My explorer battery discharges during wet weather. The excess current flow seems to be going through fuse SJB2 and SJB3 both 50A, What does SJB stand for and what are they feeding?
2003 Ford Explorer draining battery overnight sometimes. Did usual battery, alternator, starter replace. Did NOT FIX. Checked out electric myself and found a 1.5 amp drain when all systems shut down. Pulled out 60 amp fuse on under hood fuse panel to get 1.5 amp reading. Pulled most fuses on under hood fuse panel and still got 1.5 amp drain. Took it to pro electric shop today for a fix. They found a section of the oem radio was causing problem. Disconnected will replace.
I think the owners manual says SJB is standard junction box. One of those fuses was the high amp fuse I pulled and inserted a 10 amp dc meter across the terminals to find the 1.5 amp drain.
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