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Q: What is squeaking noise of my front suspension when I hit a bump or shake truck? on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

Shock are ok. Can rock truck side to side and create the noise also. Thought it may be bushings.
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I usually find that coming from a ball joint. You can check them with a pry bar under the tire. Watch the joint while lifting up and down.You might see movement or even hear the noise.
Never thoyght of that and the noise comes from that area. Will try it and let you know. Thanks!!
I have a 2005 Magnum. I try to do all the work I can on it myself. I had the noises you speak of in the back and the front. I had the shocks, struts and strut mounts replaced by a local mechanic. I had noises in the front and the back after the replacement on even the smallest of bumps in the road. I replaced every part in the suspension in the front (wheel hub bearing assemblys, sway bar links, inner and outer tie rod ends, upper and lower control arms) and the noise only stopped after I did a couple of different things in the front and back. I know this is going to sound obsurd, but it's worked for me. In the front, the new bolt stems diameters on the new shocks weren't an exact fit for the holes the manufacturer had. So, there was play when it was buckled under a moving load like a speed bump. You could hear it shift. I couldn't find washers anywhere that were an exact fit for the gap. So, I used an epoxy resin. I tightened it down before it set and let it sit for a few hours. No more noises. On the back, I was determined not to be the idiot who replaced each and every part before thinking outside the box. I noticed that the bottom half of the new shock absorbers would move (twist slightly) inside their seat. I wanted to fill that gap for shits and giggles, just in case it was the culprite before I started replacing everything else on the back end suspension just like I did in the front. I went to AutoZone and purchased silicone washers and threaded them with soldering wire (I tried thread first, but it broke away too easily) after removing the bottom fastening bolt. I used a screw driver and a hammer to try my best to keep the plastic washers in place on each side until I got the hole in place for the bolt to pass through. I took it on a test drive and no more noise.. whaalaaa.. I'm a damn genious.. who'd a thunk.. Be sure to support the spring shock underneath with a jack and the rear frame of the car with a jack stand and do whatever you need to to be safe. This worked for me and I hope you have the same luck. Steve.
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