Q: What is; Product Update: Software Update to improve fuel injector and VTC timing on 2010 Honda Accord

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I'm aware of the transmission control module reprogramming recall. When I got my notification for that recall there was also a notice of "Product Update: Software Update to Improve Fuel Injector and VTC Timing" that was included in the mailing. It has something to do with oil ring deposits and consumption. Would you fill me in a little? Seems like there has been a similar problem for several years. Are they just now acknowledging the problem? How can I tell if this update has been done along with the transmission control update?
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The dealer has a "history" of any updates and re-flashes done to your car under warranty in the Honda North America database. I would go to the dealer and ask for a copy of both re-flash Technical Service Bulletins , these TSBs will explain why the recalls are being done.