Q: What is normal cost to replace clutch cable in 2003 chevy cavalier? on 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

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Clutch cable verified by mechanic needs to be replaced. Is there just a cable or an entire assembly line to replace & cost?
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Mechanic probably charge between 75 and 100...Plus part clutch cable no idea what that cable costs
a 2003 cavalier has a hydraulic actuated throwout bearing that releases the clutch. If that is what is wrong with yours, you are looking at $500 or so for labor and $200-300 in parts. You have to remove the transmission to access the throwout bearing, and while you are that far, you might as well replace the clutch while it's apart.

To someone that doesn't know better, a leaky hydraulic clutch system may seem like a bad clutch cable because when the fluid is low, or air is in the line, the pedal feels like the clutch "cable" is all stretched out (the take up in the pedal is way down at the floor), then suddenly the pedal ends up falling to the floor and sticks there, and doesn't feel like anything is connected.

There are 2 sections of this system, the clutch master cyl, and the slave cyl/throwout bearing. If your leak is in the master cyl section of the system, the repair is much less. maybe $100labor and $130 parts.