Q: What is making my Mk VIII read high temp on gauge? on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

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Replaced thermostat, radiator, refilled w/coolant 'correctly'.Before repair(s) temp. gauge took long time to rise to normal. Now it works properly, but is above mid range.After test drive noticed coolant at thermostat housing(no drip);and the top hoses, new radiator are hot, but bottom is almost cold. Coolant is also backing up into coolant reservoir. Cooling fan, water pump? What? Thanks!
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Needle on dummy gauge is riding perfectly in the middle between cold/hot. Took for a drive traffic/freeway. Needle stayed the same. I got the bright idea of getting on it(just for a second) at a stop sign. Next stop light;while at idle, the needle slowly climbed one hash mark above half. Drove it home about 1& half mile. Didn't rise anymore. Checked in 20 min.,let idle 10min, needle perfect, didn't rise. Oil is clear/full. Strange. Thanks for suggestions. Do you have anymore. How can I check cooling fan w/out messing something up. Should kick on w/AC on. Doesn't. Unless low on freon.No sign of coolant leak at all. Cooling fan/thermo switch?
My 1995 MK VIII had cooling fan VCRM (Variable Control Relay Module) problem. A hard part to find. Finally had dealer use after market part from O'Riely, #3652 Hayden Temperature Fan Control (preset-model 185 degrees)$43.
You can substitute abd use model 3647 Hayden Adjustable Temp Fan Control, $53. 160-210 degrees.
If that still does not work but fan is really working fine. Then change out the water pump. Which I did in 1hr only 4 bolts after serpintine belt removal. Water pump had rust around and in spindle area. Next if still hot, check to see if clutch on air compressor is working or locking up when not on. Next any air in system will make hot and may take a while to burp air out.
Hope this works.
Mr. Jones Sacramento
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