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Q: what is code P1167 mean for 2000 Honda Accord SE it has only 20000 miles on 2000 Honda Accord

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I have 2000 Honda Accord SE 20000 miles recently it pop up engine light and brake light on. The brake light is on and off but engine light is stay on I went to auto zone they check and gave me the code P1167 does it mean Oxygen Sensor or something else can cause to make the engine light on?
Code P1167 is an air/fuel sensor code on your vehicle. This is the sensor in the exhaust closest to the engine; the oxygen sensor is further down on the exhaust. The brake light that is flashing on and off on your dash is more than likely due to low brake fluid level in your master cylinder. Check the pad thickness, you may find its time for a brake job.
For the brake light follow herb acksides advice , and if the fluid level is ok , the level sensor may be faulty. For DTC P1167 , that is for O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction , if you clear the code and it returns within 10-30 seconds of restarting the engine replace the sensor. IF the sensor is functioning properly (check by monitoring with scanner) then it may be an intermittent short to ground of the black/yellow wire from the alternator.Reference - Honda service news aug. 2005- applies to '98-'02 Accords , ULEV 4cyl.models. If you also had DTC P1162 at the same time , then respond and I will give further troubleshooting suggestions.
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