Q: What is causing the loud groan, when i turn my steering wheel? on 2006 Buick Rendezvous

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It sounds like it's coming from the rear-end, it mainly happens when the wheel is being turned all the way.
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ihad this on my 2005 rdvz and you have to replace the diierential fluid in the rear end .you have to drain it and refill with fluid and drive circle 8's to work the fliud into the clutch plates for an hour and then drain it and refill. after about a week or two all of the groaning should stop. But after a year of wear the rear end is howling when it goes thru shifts and i will have to replace the fluids to see if that will stop it.$400.- cost at gm dealership.It is not the power steering,it's the clutch plates are sticking together and not letting the correct separation which causes the groaning.
Rear differential needs to be serviced. It uses very expensive oil only available from dealer. We had one with same problem. Change the oil in rear end. Go out and drive it for a while doing figure 8's in a parking lot and then go back and drain and replace the oil again. That worked fine for us.
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