Q: What is causing coolant to leak from the thermostat housing? on 2000 Honda Accord

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I was driving my accord this morning and it began to overheat while in a drive-thru. It was about 50 degrees F outside temp. this morning. I immediately cut the heat on wide open to try to alleviate the engine temp. I drove the car home (about 2 miles) and the temp. hand went down at first and then back up almost to the top of the guage. The last couple hundred feet the air coming out of the vents was no longer warm. I know that meant that the vehicle was completely out of coolant. I popped the hood and found coolant/steam coming from around the thermostat housing. The oil level was good and no water mixed in with the oil so I am hoping that it is not a problem with the head gasket.
(2) Answers
get it tested to be sure.

it could be the o ring in the housing but there are hoses there as well. get it pressure tested to confirm leak