Q: What is causing a knocking sound coming from my front driver's side? on 1998 Subaru Legacy

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For the last couple of weeks, I hear a loud knocking coming from the front driver's side of my car. It happens once I have been driving for atleast 15 minutes. It almost sounds like it happens when the tire is rotating. Going over bumps and turning the wheel has no effect on the knocking. I could be going straight on an even surafce and it still happens. I have looked this up before and believed it to be the CV joint and/or boot but I had a mechanic look at it and he said those looked fine. The lug nuts are tight and the brakes and roters were changed 2 months ago. Please help with any auggestions I can ask my mechanic. Thank you.
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I have seen the sway bar link and actual sway bar itself break. It would be hard to guess at what would be causing the noise without being able to hear the noise first hand. I am sure your mechanic has checked the ball joints, the half shafts, the suspension bushings ect.....