Q: What is a Malfunction Indicator Lamp? on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

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This lights up sometimes continously or flickering. Is this a serious problem to my engine?
Thank you and looking forward to your response.
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Is it a "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" ? an icon on the dash that is a yellow outline of an engine?
If this is the light that is lighting up it is an indication that the computer in your car sees a problem with the emission control/engine management system. The computer in your car keeps this fault along with other information in its computer. This information can be accessed by plugging in a scan tool to a diagnostic socket under the drivers side of the dash board. Most repair shops will be able to help you if the code is "generic", Jaguar do have many "vehicle specific codes". If your repair shop can't help you let me know what the codes stored are perhaps I can help you interpret what is most likely wrong (we work on a lot of Jaguar at my shop).
ok. basic answer to your question is: yes it is a serious problem with your engine if not addressed. the continuous flashing of your check engine light means that the engine is misfiring. poor running conditions and poor fuel economy will also be noticed. but the main concern i would have is how long has this been happening and why haven't you taken it too a repair shop for further diagnosis.