Q: what is a general module on 2002 Mini Cooper

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i was told my general module needs to be replaced,does anyone know what this is?
(2) Answers
The "general" module often referees to the module that controls "body" type functions - your 2002 most likely follows this form. The body functions usually under the control of the general module would be the power door lock, lighting system, security system, power windows, power seats, etc. The general module may or may not be directly connected to the interior fuse box.
the general moduel is exactly where we told you and does exactly what we explained when we replaced the power st pump for you. i understand you do not have the money to fix the car (as you took over 1 month to pay for the work we did) i do not understand where you come off leaving a negitive review, or having your lawyer when another shop in town informed me you got a extimate on this moduel before we put the ps pump on. you already knew it was bad. If money is so tight you have to live this way good luck too you!