Q: What is a "front cover" on the Bravada? Needs to be repaired/replaced? on 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

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Took in for an oil change today, inspection recommends several things,one of which is "front cover" at an estimate of $965. Vehicle has 145,000 miles.
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I think the mechanic said "front seal" not "front cover". Agree with pushrod get another opinion and estimates.
No, it is front cover. Over the timing belt; advisor said it was leaking. This was at a dealership should so I expected it to be a little pricey. Still haven't had repairs done, just drive it a couple miles to and from work right now. But we need it to pull our horse trailer so don't want to take any big chances.
4.3 V/6 has NO TIMING BELT! It has a timing chain. Take it to a private mechanic and get it fixed. 2 to 3 hour job tops! $400.00 tops, parts & labor, inclu. water pump. Does NOT need timing componets, they are all steel, Don't let anyone convince you otherwise! I know this engine inside and out! Must not be much wrong with it cause we are still talking about this FIVE months later!??!
Sorry, the "belt" was my mistake, not theirs. And, yes, it seems to run just fine. Thanks for the info.