Q: What is a fair price to replace a sub frame or cradle? on 1998 Honda Accord

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I went to the junkyard and brought my own parts in. There were two pieces. Mine were rusted out because the air condition was leaking. This shop charged me almost $600.for the labor. Was this fair?
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Just food for thought........which is easier to work with ? new clean parts , or old rusted 'I wonder what'll break next' parts?
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well to late to ask now. depends on what the repl and what you call sub frame. sounds high but if they did a good job and your happy does it really matter. its over and done drive on and enjoy
That was a fairly high price Goldie Girl. It would have been unfair if they did not tell you the estimated price before the repair was done...It would have also been unfair if they charged you for the labor but DIDN'T replace the parts.
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