Q: What Fuse and where is it located for Alarm and remote start on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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My remote start is dead both remotes are good and batteries are good power door locks dead from remotes but work on doors of car. Alarm will not set but once in a while it might try and set. Can the cold have something to due with this? If I knew the fuse and where it is for the alarm it might help. Any other suggestions for this I would appreciate!
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Bret is right Toyota as a manufacturer does not offer a "remote start" it may have been dealer installed. Is there a Toyota emblem on either of your remotes, or does it have a some other "name" on the remotes?
I don't think Toyota has a remote start system, which would mean that you have an aftermarket alarm/remote start system on your vehicle. If this is the case, the fuse may be near the battery in the wiring that was installed with the aftermarket system, or it could be under the dash area.