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Q: what else can I do or what can I to do fix my dome/interior/hood liht on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

had a shortage with floor light wire, the positive an negative wire touched and now my interior/hood/cargo light wont turn on at all I have checked the bulbs they are all good and the fuses are all good I had a friend look at it and I even make a fuse tester and nothing. there is no wire that is the wire's that shorted are not touch. an there is no voltage going to the illume fuse. what can I do plz plz help plz
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Did you check ALL fuses or just the ones labeled for interior lights? Is the wire that you said 'shorted' broken still? How many wires are there? One or two with different colors?
I agree with goodguy, check ALL fuses on the side of the dash (some are hard to see use a light!) and under hood. Even if you dont think it has anything to do with the problem, check it anyway with key on and door open.
One more thing, does the high mount brake light, up there with the cargo lamp, work? If not there is another possible solution.
Hopefully goodguy has a better answer than mine.................never mind ....:)...Hi Bruce.
yes I have checked every single fuse, not just the one for the light. I have pulled out every fuse in the fuse box that is located by the driver’s door and the fuse box that is under the hood. I even look at the owner’s manual book and I found another box with relays by the floor next to the break paddle but there were no fuses. The reason this happen was because I was trying to put some led lights. So I striped the positive and the negative wire and by accident they both touched and made a spark and since then my lights that used to turn on when I opened the door don’t. (Hood light, Inside light like floor lights, glove department light etc, and the light outside of my truck on top of my roof). I also look for burned or ripped wire and it is all good
Pull the cover off that box next to the brk. pedal and make sure all connections are pluged in tight.
Wiggle wires at this point as it may have lost connection here when light socket wires shorted.
All those lights go through this bulk head!!! But after 38 years of working on this s--tuff, something tells me you have missed a blown fuse!!
Best way to check fuses is with a test light by touching each side of each fuse in the box!!
Good luck. CUL.
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