Q: What does my Avalon really need for it to be driven without any concerns? on 2005 Toyota Avalon

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Hello, My question is regarding my 2005 Avalon. I maybe the second or possibly third owner, I'm not sure. My car tends to vibrate when I reach about 65 to 75 miles per hour. It pulls a bit as well. I have taken it to a couple of shops, one of them a dealer. I was told it needed the entire rack and pinon, to replacing the entire sub-frame, to the front axle's being bad, then the latest guy told me that he though it was the front tires that needed replacing...Hell I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone. Can you guys give me a hand with this so I know what my car actually needs...I'm confused and a bit taken with all of mis-information...
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Wow, how frustrating this seems.

Vibrating - if you feel this in your steering wheel, and it kind of oscillates, then you have a wheel balancing issue, typically. High speed only vibration is an out of balance issue.

If you feel vibration only when braking - then this would be related to brake rotors being out of round.

Pulling - this can be a result of a wheel alignment issue, or it can be from a tire that has a "radial pull" - meaning the tire has settled and worn in a fashion that causes the vehicle to drift.

Regarding the rack and pinion steering gear, the entire subframe, front axles... I cannot really pass judgment because I have not seen the car. However, based on your description, I wouldn't look at those components first.