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Q: What does massive water in fuel act like?
on 2002 GMC Sonoma

The only way to start truck is to floor it and keep it floored but it only produces 500 rpm.afterfifteen minutes it will idle but when you push on gas it tries to diets
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we found out what my problem was after first replacing every thing that was mentioned in the advice from your it turns out it was ethanol that they put in the gas. when you get any amount of contamination ,even a couple drops of water the whole tank of fuel can be contaminated,even in a big tanker truck,which is exactly what happened ,we were pumping gas at this gas station and the pumps just slowed to a near crawl.we thought it was the leak detection switch and tried to reset the pumps several times with out any luck,finaly the pumps stopped all together and we gave up on the fuel..we only got a few yards when the truck sputtered and tried to stall.i got it going and made a mad dash for home..8 miles ,so i could fix the problem there, not realizing at the time it was the fuel we had just pumped that caused the whole problem..the station in question is paying for the vehicles that got the bad fuel,to get there tanks drained and all the lines flushed and refilled with any other non suquencial damages that were done to the vehicles..this is my delema..people need to know that ethanol fuel can and is a very undependable and quickly degrading fuel,it piggy backs on bad fuel and can not be cleaned out by any additives once it has been contaminated,any new fuel that is added becomes just as contaminated as the old fuel in the tank..ethanol is just crap and should be boycotted....NEVER PUT ETHANOL FUEL IN YOU SNOWMOBILE OR LAWN MOWER OR GENERATOR.OR FOUR WHEELER..OR ANY RIG THAT WILL SIT FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME, YOU WILL REGRETT IT.I SPEAK FROM PERSONAL EXPIERENCE..SORRY ABOUT THE SPELLING..LARRY THE LOGGER...
If this ever happens again first thing to do is check with the gas station (or near by service stations) where you last got gas. They are the first to know about bad fuel after a couple of 'mechanics' find the problem for their customers!! Close by mechanics at that cause the vehicles aint going to get far away. Also a little seafoam will help with small engines stored for an extended tiime.
Two stroke engines love the stuff! I sold and repaired ALL kinds of outdoor power equip. at one time.
First thing i want to point out is i did call the local dealership and talked to there head mechanic and he was the one who told me to try the other cures first because no one had reported any problems to the local mechanics at that one ,even the people in this forum ,including you ever even confirmed what i thought all along that it was water in the fuel.remember my question..WHAT DOES MASSIVE WATER IN THE FUEL ACT LIKE..... it calls me a rookie on the screen, nothing could be farther from the truth.. i got straight A's in college when i took automotive class's and i build monster mudders up here in north idaho,along with my two boys truck '' HELL BURBAN'' was actually featured in 4x4 magazine as the cover and the center fold...i myself built the ''BLACK PEARL'' and race at ''BIG ALS'' AND BOG FOR DOGS and also up at moyie and valley washington also.. we take care of most of our equipment which at one point was 2, 550g john deere crawlers and a timber jack skidder and a haun proceessor,also a130 samsung excavator,and three dump trucks and one haul trk and one log trk,along with several personal vehicles,which includes my 1966 chevelle malibu which i have owed for over thirty years,we also have sleds and 4 wheelers, none of which like to run on ethanol,,,even our local small engine shop says do not use the stuff.. most 4 wheelers come with a warning against using the ethanol fuel...even nitro methane is better than ethanol.i know because i have used it before in mud truck....sorry to harp on you but even the station that sells the gas said if they did not have to sell it ,regulations and all, they would not sell it,cause it is crap.....THE MUD MAN,,LARRY THE LOGGER...
CONFIRMITION: "WHEN FILTER WAS CHANGED WAS THERE ANY WATER IN IT???" Just figured you checked that out ! All we can do is offer a best guess! No matter, if it is fixed anyway.

i already changed the fuel filter along with the wires and cap and rotor and the cam pulse fuel injector switch inside of the distributer.the fuel pressure is 62 lbs...we are thinking we got 17.00 dollars worth of bad fuel or all truck will only start when i floor the motor and it only stays running with the gas floored.after 15 minutes it will finally idol but if you give it any gas it falls on its face and back fires though the exhaust once in a while...
When filter was changed was there any water in it??? If it won't hold fuel pressure when engine is switched off you have a fuel spider problem flooding engine! Look it up.. Any trouble codes?
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