Q: What does it mean when I get a clicking sound when trying to start on 2007 Toyota Sequoia

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Trying to start my car, won't start and I get a clicking sound (not fast clicking though). If is the starter, approx how much should a repair cost
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It could be your starter getting ready to go bad or your alternater is not charging your battery or needing a new battery. Try to get a jump and see if it stops. If so- then you need to replace battery (or your battery is low if you left your lights on) In the latter case you don't have to replace battery but drive car so alternater can charge battery. I(n summary- any one of the electrical components involved in starting and charging battery are likely involved. If there is "white crud" around basttery terminals, it indicates corrosion. use a clean rage to CAREFULLY wipe each terminal at a time. The dry white powdery white stuff drains your battery.
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Check the battery voltage first it should be 12.6 volts if the battery is fully charged. Are the head lights bright? That would indicate the battery may be sufficiently charged. Try jump starting the car using jumper cables that would allow it to start if the battery or charging system had a problem. Most likely after that is the contacts in the Nippon Denso starter are pitted. The plunger and two contacts are available separately but in most cases shops replace the whole starter. Labor is about an hour, a new starter is about $150 to $200