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Q: what does it do and where is the tcm located on 2006 Chevrolet HHR

where is the transmission control module located and does it control the shift interlock causing key to not turn all way off and shifter to be stuck in park? the cable to shifter pin seems intact and no fuses are blown. wife leaked liquid on console. if it is module can i change it out myself or is it part of a larger assembly
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The tcm does not control the shift interlock. If coffee or soda was the liquid spilled and it got into the shifter that may be the cause of your problem. If you can get the console out of the way and you see residue on the shifter then you can try removing the shifter and washing it off under hot water and drying it thoroughly before reinstalling it.
I had this problem under warranty, and the problem has something to do with the button not popping out after you shift. If you pull the button out you will be able to remove the key. Not sure what they replaced.
The problem is with the shifter cable not making "full distance" with the shifter mechanism in the transmission. The 4T/45E transmission has a pressure switch module on the valve body assembly connected to the manual valve that is actuated by the shifter cable. If the cable doesn't move far enough to make the connection, the VCM module thinks that the car is not in "Park", and will not allow you to remove the key from the ignition switch.
Have the technician check for kinks in the three cable assemblies, and then relocate the shifter cables to allow more distance. Sometimes one of the cables must be replaced, but it is not the fault of the transmission or the ignition switch.
Last reply is wrong. It has nothing to do with the shifter cable. There is a design flaw in the shifter that causes a pin attached to the shifter nob release button to become loose and not make a micro switch that then releases the key from the ignition switch. The shifter can't be repaired, must be replaced. Ebay for around $70 and not too hard to change out.
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