Q: What does it cost for a leaking water pump to be repaired on 2000 Plymouth Voyager

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Car was overheating and leaking anti-freeze. Car has 142,000 miles as well. I had the waterpump repaired and also had them replace the timing belt and hose while they were there as well. Car has been fine since. I was just curious about what the average cost would be for all of this work. I paid about $600 for all of the work. My van has cost me a few buck this past year. Trying to decide if I should keep it or not. The motor runs well. I had the valves blown out a while back after it would not shift right away. That cured the problem. I like the guys I have been going to and they are good. Just trying to decide when I need to call it quits with the van. The a/c broke last summer and I was told it would cost about $1200 to fix it so I decided not to.
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you said that the timing belt was replaced a 3.3 engine does not have timing belt ??? it is timing chain engine!! are you sure about your engine size you posted the 3.0 engine has a belt.
I guess I might be wrong on the engine size. it is a 6 cylinder that I am sure. It might be a 3.0
you can look it up here on the repairpal site and it'll let you know what it should cost, and of course every shop will have some varying degree of labor charges and everyone goes to a different part shop so the prices will vary some but checking on here for the most part will give you a great idea of what you should expect to pay for most repairs, and sometimes the best thing to do is shop around and call the shops directly and ask them what they would charge you for the work you need
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